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Ideally located near UCC and 5 minutes from the city centre in a prime rental area. 2 bedroom house ready to w ...

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4 bed house to let in ideal Location. 4 single rooms, 5 mins from University College Cork and 5 mins from town ...

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Cork City Centre Area Description

Cork City (Irish: Corcaigh) is the second city of the Republic of Ireland and Ireland's third most populous city after Dublin and Belfast. It is the principal city and administrative centre[2] of County Cork and the largest city of the province of Munster. The city proper has a population of 119,143 (2006 census), however this increases to 190,384 (2006 census) if the immediate suburbs of the city in the Cork County Council area are included. In the "Cork Joint Housing Strategy", it states that the 2006 population of Metropolitan Cork stands at approximately 274,000, while the Greater Cork area stands at 380,000 in 2006.

The city's name is derived from an Irish word corcach meaning "marshy place", referring to its situation on the River Lee. Cork has a reputation for rebeliousness dating back to the town's support of the English pretender Perkin Warbeck in 1491 during the Wars of the Roses. This has given Cork the nickname of "the Rebel County". It is not unusual for Corkonians to refer to Cork as the "real capital of Ireland" or to feel they have a distinct identity from the rest of Ireland.

The city is built on the River Lee which divides into two channels at the western end of the city. The city centre is located on the island created by the channels. At the eastern end of the city centre they converge; and the Lee flows around Lough Mahon to Cork Harbour, the world's second largest natural harbour after Sydney Harbour in Australia. The city is a major Irish seaport; there are quays and docks along the banks of the Lee on the city's east side.

Cork was originally a monastic settlement founded by Saint Finbarr in the sixth century.[5] Cork achieved an urban character at some point between 915 and 922 when Norseman (Viking) settlers founded a trading port. It has been proposed that, like Dublin, Cork was an important trading centre in the global Scandinavian trade network.

The city was once fully walled, and some wall sections and gates remain today. For much of the Middle Ages, Cork city was an outpost of Old English culture in the midst of a predominantly hostile Gaelic countryside and cut off from the English government in the Pale around Dublin. Neighbouring Gaelic and Hiberno-Norman lords extorted "Black Rent" from the citizens in order to keep them from attacking the city. The main overlords of south western Ireland were the Fitzgerald Earl of Desmond dynasty, with the lordships of the MacCarthy and Barry families abutting directly onto Cork city. The Cork municipal government was dominated by about 12-15 merchant families, whose wealth came from overseas trade with continental Europe - in particular the export of wool and hides and the import of salt, iron and wine. Of these families, only the Ronayne family were of Gaelic Irish origin. The medieval population of Cork was about 2000 people. It suffered a severe blow in 1349 when almost half the townspeople died of bubonic plague when the Black Death arrived in the town. In 1491 Cork played a part in the English Wars of the Roses when Perkin Warbeck a pretender to the English throne, landed in the city and tried to recruit support for a plot to overthrow Henry VII of England. The mayor of Cork and several important citizens went with Warbeck to England but when the rebellion collapsed they were all captured and executed. Cork's nickname of the 'rebel city' originates in these events.

A description of Cork written in 1577 speaks of the city as, "the fourth city of Ireland" that is, "so encumbered with evil neighbours, the Irish outlaws, that they are fayne to watch their gates hourly...they trust not the country adjoining [and only marry within the town] so that the whole city is linked to each other in affinity"

The city's charter was granted by King John in 1185. The title of Mayor of Cork was established by royal charter in 1318, and the title was changed to Lord Mayor in 1900 following the Knighthood of the incumbent Mayor by Queen Victoria on her visit to the City.

In the War of Independence, the centre of Cork was gutted by fires started by the British Black and Tans, and the city saw fierce fighting between Irish guerrillas and UK forces. During the Irish Civil War, Cork was for a time held by anti-Treaty forces, until it was retaken by the pro-Treaty National Army in an attack from the sea.

Source : Wikipedia.org

Cork City Centre House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2017-10-12 21 Ardmanning Lawn, The Louth, Cork € 330000
2017-10-11 3 Barrys Place, Cathedral Road, Cork, T23 XEW9 € 180000
2017-10-09 6 Walshs Sq, Devonshire St, Cork € 80000
2017-10-07 100 Larchfield, Commons Road, Cork, T23 EY8V € 180000
2017-10-05 43 Loretto Pk, Friars Walk, Cork € 211000
2017-10-05 72 Castle Meadows, Skehard Rd, Cork, T12 HK4N € 262000
2017-10-03 109 Barrack St, Cork City, Cork, T12 N7P4 € 150000
2017-10-03 2 Maple Court, Mount Oval, Cork, T12 YD99 € 165000
2017-10-03 26 Prosperity Sq, Off Barrack St, Cork, T12 DN8P € 132000
2017-10-03 7 Reeves Hall, Rutland St, Cork € 160000
2017-09-29 56 Connolly Park, Pouladuff Rd, Cork, T12 P8N6 € 210000
2017-09-29 59 Brindle Hill, Charlvile, Cork, P56 Y860 € 120000
2017-09-28 11 Reeves Hall, Rutland St, Cork € 155000
2017-09-26 13 Kenley Ave, Model Farm Rd, Cork, T12 E9XY € 340000
2017-09-26 Apt 1, 59 Maccurtain St, Cork € 350000
2017-09-25 St Louis, Orchard Rd, Cork € 650000
2017-09-22 1 Landsdowne Terrace, St Patricks Hill, Cork, T23 HEF6 € 575000
2017-09-21 22 Rutland Place, Cork, Cork € 150000
2017-09-21 98 Lower Clarkes Rd, Ballyphenane, Cork, T12 E2N4 € 210000
2017-09-20 1 St Patricks Terrace, Greenmount, Cork, T23 XYA4 € 130000
2017-09-19 6 Clover Lawn, Skehard Rd, Cork € 380000
2017-09-18 14 Dunbar St, Cork, Cork, T12 E8HX € 180000
2017-09-16 Cuil Fluich, Cnoc Naomh Aine, Cork € 360000
2017-09-13 10 Hanover Mews, Hanover Street, Cork € 120000
2017-09-13 11 Hanover Mews, Hanover Street, Cork € 120000
2017-09-13 13 Hanover Mews, Hanover St, Cork € 120000
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